Saleem Chagtai

Saleem is a Muslim Chaplain, with a rich background in Islamic knowledge including Islamic Creed, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence and Principles of interpreting the Qur'an.

Saleem has been very active in the field of dawah ranging from grass-roots dawah stalls to delivering lectures at Universities and also internationally, such as at the prestigious American University of Beirut (Lebanon). Saleem is a regular participant on radio phone-in debates and has presented numerous television shows on channels such as Islam Channel and IQRA TV, explaining Islam in a positive light to the general public.

He also serves as Imam and khateeb at a number of Mosques in London. Saleem is a great defender of Islamic orthodoxy and believes Muslims should derive inspiration from their long scholarly tradition.

Currently he is a lecturer and trainer for iERA and is Head of Communications.


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How he presents

Saleem is an enthusiastic, energetic and charismatic personality at home at any media and corporate event.


He presents in English.

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  • ‘Purpose of Life’
  • 'Life of the Prophet' (Seerah)
  • ‘Life is a pain- and then we die?’
  • Fiqh related topics
  • Islamic history
  • ‘Lessons to derive from badr’





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