iERA is a not for profit company (no. 06941044) and a registered charity (no. 1134566). You can view our last set of accounts with the Companies House here. The direct link to the Companies House website is here.

With regards to our accounts with the Charities Commission, we have sadly been delayed with this. Our accounts are with the auditors currently, and we hope to have this submitted within a month inshaa'Allah. We would like to apologise to all our donors and supporters for the delay.

Current Financial Picture:

Our current budget for 2012 is £850,000. Of this, 47% is spent on du'aat, many of whom carry out various specialized functions, be they in Admin, Media, Marketing, Accounts, or Fundraising. Others head specific iERA Dawah departments, alongside senior du'aat who travel and deliver lectures all across the world.

Overall, 74% is spent on operational activities, which is the very core of our work, such as producing (not printing) research led materials, research developing various training courses and materials (excluding actual admin costs per course), and motivating the general masses and training them through our du'aat. A full list of our senior du'aat is here.

Through our team and operations we have achieved economies of scale which allows us to make major savings on printing of materials and distribution on unit items.

A full list of our team is provided here